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Are you a skilled writer who is passionate about gardening, sustainability, well-being, or future-planning? We are looking for YOU!

Join our family as a guest writer to share your love and expertise with the rest of our readers. It’s a great way to establish your own expertise, in addition to giving our followers great content to stay engaged.

Best Practices:


  • Write at least 1250 words per post
  • Run your article through Grammarly and other editors to make sure it flows well and is error-free
  • Add relevant links to our other articles or site pages where applicable
  • Be timely in your responses and commitments to any deadlines we give you after accepting your request


  • Be spammy by adding links or keywords that are not cohesive with your article
  • Write about content we’ve already covered anywhere else on our site (TIP: Do a quick search to see if it’s something we’ve already written about!)
  • Share affiliate links in your post
  • Write about something you don’t care about. We want content that shows people’s passions, and our readers can tell when our writers share that or now.
  • Add images (unless they are your own from a case study)

Ready to plant your own seeds?

Contact us and let us know you’re interested in writing for us! Include what your proposed article title is, some bullet points of what you’ll write about, and a brief article excerpt.


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